‘Make the punishments a real deterrent’ – Readers react survey which has revealed the crimes residents in Bolton are most concerned about

WE published a story earlier this week about resident across Bolton giving their views on how to make the borough safer after complaints about drug dealing, speeding and rowdy behaviour.

This comes after the launch of the Bolton Community Safety Partnership which surveyed just under 400 people on their views on crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Our readers have reacted to the news online…

Josh Crumpsall: Really? Knife crime and nightly burglaries all over the town yet the top concerns are speeding, dealing and ‘rowdy behaviour’. Absolutely Pathetic.

Jonathan Gough: We still need this Government to recruit more police after they cut them to the bone years ago in one of their cutbacks

Willowdale: There is no need for a four week consultation, the answer is so very simple: Make the punishment a real deterrent. With regards to the various driving offences, points on a licence that they do not have and a fine that is a fraction of any insurance cost does not solve anything. Carrying a knife in public should be a prison sentence, far too many have died recently as a result of knife crime. Drug dealing should also result in a long stay in prison.

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