Peter Kay: Woman Peter Kay spends £377 on wrong tickets

A BRADFORD district woman desperate to see Peter Kay made the unfortunate gaffe of spending almost £400 on the wrong tickets.

The Bolton comedian is set to tour the country for the first time in over a decade later this year and in 2023 and 2024.

Leah-Dionne Short, of Bingley, had been waiting in the online queue all of Thursday morning.

Once through, she mistakenly splashed £377 on 10 Harlem Globetrotters tickets.

The Bolton News: Leah could not believe her luckLeah could not believe her luck (Image: Social media)

In a post on Facebook, Leah said: “I cannot believe I’m actually writing this, but I’ve been trying to get Peter Kay tickets all morning and I finally got through and the excitement got to me, and I’ve only gone and bought the wrong f***ing tickets for f**k’s sake.

“If anyone wants any tickets to see the Harlem f***ing Globetrotters then let me know because I’ve got TEN of the stupid idiot tickets. £377 down and I am laughing, but crying also.”

In the comments section of the post, it emerged Leah tried to directly contact Kay on Instagram to report the mishap.

Her message said: “Hiya Peter, hope you’re well.

“I’ve had a bit of a nightmare if I’m honest love. I tried to buy 10 tickets for your show which was proving quite difficult, and when I finally did get onto Ticketmaster I was so excited that I’ve accidentally bought the wrong ones.

“You won’t believe it but I’ve ordered 10 tickets for the Harlem bloody Globetrotters Pete, I’ve never watched a single game of basketball in my life! What’s more messed up is I’ve ended up spending £370 for the privilege!

“Is there any way you can help me with this at all? Couple of VIPs for my dedication to the garlic bread and cheesecake gags?”

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