Shrek is in Bolton to take to the stage at Albert Halls

Visitors to Bolton may have thought they are in the land of far far away after spotting the famous ogre Shrek.

The green giant from the hit films has been in Bolton promoting the musical, based on the popular movies, which will take to stage next week – as well as doing spot of sight seeing.

Travelling across the town, Shrek has explored the University of Bolton Stadium, the Albert Halls and even spotted himself on a banner.

And he will  take to the stage at the Albert Halls next week as Bolton Catholic Musical and Choral Society  present Shrek The Musical from September 20 to 24.

The original theatre show was supposed to take place in 2020 but the coronavirus pandemic caused it to be delayed for two years – and now it’s finally come to town.

The Bolton News: Shrek is spotted at the Albert Halls a week before his shows startShrek is spotted at the Albert Halls a week before his shows start

In the land of Far Far Away something is stirring.

Shrek The Musical tells the tale of a grumpy ogre and his talking donkey side-kick, and their hero quest to find love.

Filled with favourite fairy-tale characters in spectacular costumes and packed with fabulous songs to get you dancing in the aisles.

From Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad and many more you can expect to hear smash hits including “I’m a Believer” and more. 

Neville Grady, Secretary at BCMCS said he is glad the wait is over after two long years of waiting.

He said: “We got the licence to perform Shrek the Musical for perfomance in 2020 but because of Covid happening we couldn’t perform it then so we postponed it to September 2021 and we couldn’t perform it then because of Covid but now at last with Covid restrictions easing we can perform it this year.

“So we were waiting two years or so for this to happen.

The Bolton News: Shrek took a trip to the University of Bolton StadiumShrek took a trip to the University of Bolton Stadium

“It’s not quite the same story as the film but it’s fairly close to it and all the characters will be in special costumes and Shrek will have a green head and all the rest.

“It’s going to cost us something like £55,000 to perform at the Albert Halls because it’s special costumes, special effects, special lighting, so all these cost money and we have got to hire a band and everything else, like hiring the hall.

“I’m glad the wait is over, it’s been two long years that we have been waiting to do this but everyone and every member of the society is really excited about it and all the production team.

“We are just keen to get it going, there is a good feeling about this show because it’s special, we have quite a large cast who will all be dressed up.

“It’s quite colourful and quite a spectacle.”

Tickets are priced between £15 and £17 and can be purchased here:

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