Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive

Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive

Explore the new galleries including Bolton's Egypt which draws on the town's longstanding association with Egyptology.

The new gallery is joined by Bolton's Art, a showcase of the finest works in the museum's collection and Bolton's Nature, an exploration of natural history.
Having first opened its doors to the public on 27 January 1941, it’s now home to more than 70 varieties of fish originating from across the globe.

All the fish live in tanks that are kept as close to their natural habitat as possible. For example, the Peruvian fish are kept in tanks that have a similar environment to a small stream in Peru shallow waters, with a murky appearance.

The Labidochromis Caeruleus or Lake Malawi Cichid; originate in Lake Malawi, one of the largest lakes in Africa.

These beautiful bright yellow fish are locally known as ‘Mbuna’, the Tonga name for ‘rock dweller’. They spend most of their life within the rocks of the underwater lake; and will only swim within a 2 or 3 metre perimeter; hiding behind or under the rocks when a potential predator approaches. We have recreated the same rocky environment in which they live, and if you stand in front of their tank you will notice how quickly they disappear within the crevices of the rocks. From their point of view, human beings appear to represent the same shape as fish eating birds.

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